can't drag items

I just started using Scrivener and had no trouble dragging items (e.g. documents between folders, keywords into the keyword pane for a document) in the tutorial. Now, however, I can’t drag anything. Is there a setting that’s off? I can drag files in all other programs on my computer with no problems.

I’ve seen a few reports of this, we have no clue what causes it because when it comes to the mechanism of drag and drop itself, that’s just something your Mac does—we interpret the results and do stuff with the “events” as they are called. But no, there are no settings in Scrivener that would do something like this, no code at all that would change how drag and drop works at that kind of fundamental level.

Have you already gone though the troubleshooting basics? Restarting the software, checking to see if it is a problem with just one project window or all of them and if you are getting any error messages on Console?