Can't drop a folder from Research into a folder within Draft

I am writing a book, composing it within the usual Draft folder. I have another folder, let’s call it Raw Material, of earlier draft material (written in Scrivener) that’s arranged files within subfolders.

My problem: Right now I’m trying to drag a folder holding subfolders and documents (call it Chapter X) from the Raw Material folder into the Draft folder. It will allow me to drag it into the Draft folder — but will not let me drag it into or between any of the existing foldres within the draft folder. (I want to place it in between two existing chapter folders there.) I can drag it over them, but it won’t light them up in the usual manner so that I can drop between any.

Solution? NO idea – and I simply must solve this problem to continue.

Thanks for any tips.

The folder must have media files inside it (images, PDF documents or suchlike). The Draft folder can only contain text files (images must be inserted into the text, not as individual documents).

Gah! You’re right. I the Drafts folder doesn’t allow media files, and was CERTAIN I’d combed through the entire folder I was dragging for such files … but your email prompted me to look once again, and sure enough, there was one PDF I’d overlooked. Removed it, the folder dropped in properly.

Thanks for your tactful version of “You think you looked, but look again, good sir.”

Glad you got it sorted!
All the best,