Can't edit my work

I seem to have accidentally entered some kind of read-only mode. I can no longer edit any of my projects. The “edit scrivenings” button is grayed out. I can type in it but it doesn’t save the changes and I can’t alter format… I know this is probably something stupid, but I have no idea what I did and so far haven’t found a way to fix it.

EDIT: The problem seems to have fixed itself, but if anyone knows why this might have happened, I would appreciate it.

There is no read-only mode available, so chances are it was probably a combination of other things. All of the things you listed could have come about under normal conditions, though not entirely all related. For example the Edit Scrivenings button is not always available because it is a special mode for text files only. If you have web pages, or picture included in the selection, then it will not allow you to create a new Edit Scrivenings session. Additionally, if you have text from more than one underlying document selected in Edit Scrivenings, most formatting commands may not work as they are intended to work within the confines of a single document—you’ll just get a system beep noise if you try it.

It could be that you accidentally had a fairly plain looking webpage involved (you can’t reformat those either).

I’m not sure what you might have been experiencing with it not saving changes. I’m not sure what that means, and have never come across a normal situation where that happens (except in bad situations like the underlying project file getting deleted while it is open). What exactly where you see? Were you typing in words in a document, then switching to another, going back, and not seeing what you typed saved?

Okay, everything seems fine now except that I’m unable to format the text again–I can change the font, but not the style. I’m not in edit scrivenings mode; i’m in one document and I have nothing but plain text in the project. I’m not sure what you mean by “underlying document.” I’ve been using scrivener for a while and never experienced this before.

When you say you cannot format the text, precisely what are you trying to do; which buttons are you clicking—what typographic effects are you looking for? I ask because I would consider changing the font as falling under formatting the text and as being a component of style, so I’m not sure exactly what you mean by style. Do you mean things like bold and italic, or indenting paragraphs? If bold or italic, you might be using a font that doesn’t have those variants.

Sorry, I meant underlying document, as in the documents which make up an edit scrivenings session. If you selected text from more than one document at once, the formatting tools don’t work (I was attempting to discern why you couldn’t format, but if you aren’t in E.S. then all of that is beside the point).

Ah, it was the font. Thanks, I thought it was probably something stupid.

Yeah, that can be a tricky one. OS X decided to take a hard-line approach to variants, making it so you had to have the variants to even make something bold. On the one hand it produces much better results, aesthetically speaking, as you get the original font designer’s intention for the face. On the other hand, a lot of people are used to programs which fake it, and produce quick-and-dirty variants on the fly. You can definitely see the difference in things like Times italics, and fake Times italics. One is outstanding at the other just looks like everything is melting to the right. :slight_smile:

Anyway, glad we got it figured out!