Can't edit section layout

Hi. I’ve looked through the section layout section of the manual, and I don’t see my issue.

I have most of my chapter headings start with the chapter number and the label for the different POV characters, but there are some other chapters I want titled with the text from the Binder Title instead of the Label. Si I made a new Section Type called “Random chapter” and set that as the section type for those chapters instead of the default Chapter.

Then I went to Compile, and hit the Assign Section Layout button, and selected the same layout I’m using for all the other chapters. Now when I go to edit that layout, nothing changes. I think this is because two types are using the same layout, but I don’t see a + button for duplicating layout types.

How do I fix this (other than making a bunch of labels for the one-off characters)

If it were me, I’d have just made a label for each character as I went.

But if you really want to maintain two almost identical layouts, then when you’re editing your compile preset, select the one you want to copy and modify, then press the + button above the list of section layouts. That will duplicate the selected layout format, which you can then tweak to your liking. After that, assign your new layout to the “random chapter” section type". Section types just tell you what something is supposed to be (a chapter, a scene, a block quote split out into its own document…), they don’t tell Scrivener anything about what to do differently with that section type. Once you assign a unique section layout to the section type, you’ll see that uniqueness applied to the compiled output of those documents.

Also, I’d suggest that you change your section type name to “binder-named chapter” or something more descriptive, unless you want Future You to hate Present You when Future You is trying to figure out what that section type means. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure what “compile preset” means. The manual only talks about Legacy Presets. When I hit the compile button, the section layouts are in the center pane of the compile window. I don’t see any + button, other than to make a whole new Compile Format, which is not what I want to do. In my Section Layout, I have Chapter, and Random Chapter, which are identical. When I edit Random Chapter, none of the changes are preserved, even when I hit save. When I edit Chapter, the changes show up on both Chapter and Random Chapter.

Is there another place to do this other than the Compile pane?

In the left hand panel of the main Compile screen, right-click on the Compile Format that you’re using and choose the Edit (or Duplicate and Edit) option. That will give you the full Compile Format editor, the first tab of which allows you to edit the Section Layouts.


Thanks. That worked.