Can't edit the text in any new documents

This is weird, but it’s 100% reliable. I have a project that I’m working that originally started on macOS, that I’ve edited a bit on iPadOS, and I’m trying to finish it on PC. I think I’ve stumbled past my formatting issues with the new Scrivener for Windows 3.x, but I’ve run into what seems like an obvious showstopper: I can’t edit the text in any new documents I create.

To be clear, I can create new documents easily by hitting Ctrl + N or using the binder. I can select them in the binder, rename them as desired, etc. But when I click in the area to edit their text, I don’t get anything. And when I hit tab to cycle between the various panes, as I’m accustomed to doing, I find it lets me move from the binder to the icon to the document name, but then it goes back to the binder. At no point can I tab into the field where I’m used to doing the actual writing.

Is this a bug?