Can't enter/update both References blocks[BUG LOGGED]

Well, I just downloaded Scrivener yesterday, and so far I love it! I’ve worked with many beta, so I fully understand the concept, and I here I am with my first bug report! :slight_smile:

I’m running the latest Beta (downloaded last night). BTW, is there way to check the version number from inside the program? That will come in handy, but I can’t find it.

When I create a reference, if I update the title, no entries/updates I make in the second block actually take, so creating a reference is multiple steps when it appears to only be one.

Reproducing the error:

  • Pull up a document.
  • Click the references button.
  • Click the + and then Create External Reference
  • Double click the New Reference
  • Change the title to Reference and type something into the bottom block, then hit enter.
  • Double click the Reference and you will see nothing is in the bottom block. Type again into the bottom block without altering the title block, then hit enter.
  • Double click the Reference again and the changes are there.

Now - I really should get back to writing!!! :mrgreen:

Thanks. Definitely a bug. I noticed that if you type in a url i.e. it is remembered; however, if it doesn’t have a http:// or www. it does not get remembered. Thanks again