Can't even start the installation.

I looked through the list of known bugs and did a search for it, but I didn’t see this issue listed anywhere. Someone on the kindle boards linked me to your website because I have windows and was complaining about my long wait for your fantastic program to be available for non mac users. Long story short, I downloaded your newest beta, but to my dismay, my computer acts as though the program doesn’t exist. I can click on it to my heart’s content, but other than the blue hoop of death, which shows itself shortly, I get nothing. No program, no install. I’m devastated to say the least and I wondered if anyone else has this problem and knows of a solution?
I restarted my laptop, I checked its compatibility. I’m running Windows 7, btw. Nothing reasonable seems to have worked.

I’m sorry you’re having trouble! First thing to try, if you haven’t already, is deleting the file and downloading again. The download may just have gotten corrupted, not getting you the entire file. It should be 46 MB.

Are you using Norton or some other program? If so, set it to allow Literature and Latte and/or whatever the installation .exe is named.

I imagine you’re properly up and running now, but just in case…

Something I’ve found is that sometimes the installation dialogue comes up behind another window on the desktop - so it’s there waiting for an input from you, but it’s hidden out of sight. So it might be worth trying a bit of Alt-tabbing to see if it’s there…