Can't Export Screenplay to Docx.

I have the very beginnings of a screenplay I want to export to a word document. There are quite a few empty documents in it as place holders, but two of the documents contain text. When I try to compile, though, “contents” is blank, and when I compile I get an error message.

Both documents have “include in compile” checked.

If there are no documents appearing in the compile contents, it means your items aren’t inside the Draft folder in the binder. Depending what template you started with, this may have another name, e.g. “Screenplay”; it should have a special icon like this:

In general, only documents within the Draft folder can be compiled, so just select your documents and drag and drop them into the Draft folder, or use the Documents > Move menu. You should then see everything appearing in the compile contents.

I don’t have a Draft folder for this project. I created a folder, named it Draft, and put it at the top of the project, but that didn’t work (I didn’t expect it to.) I tried copying a “Draft” folder from another project, but that didn’t work either.

How can I create a draft folder so I can compile this?

Look for a folder with the same icon as shown above, no matter what it is named. It can be renamed, so it probably started out with another word associated with it (maybe “screenplay” or “script”?).

I found it at the bottom of the project, with a few empty folders in it.

I moved to the top, moved everything one click to the left, compiled, and it’s all there.