Can't figure out how to sync between iPhone and Windows

I just purchased the Windows version (1.9.16) and the iPhone version 1.2. I copied my .scriv folder from Windows to dropbox and that is syncing fine with iOS, but not sure the correct way to get Windows to sync to this dropbox folder. I’ve spent my book-writing time today watching videos and scanning forums and documentation, but it’s just not apparent. Seems like I’m just missing a few simple steps. Anyone?

Thanks in advance! Loving the software.

Do you have the Dropbox client installed on Windows? That will create a Dropbox folder under your user account, with copies of everything in your Dropbox account. You open the Scrivener project from under that folder.

On my Windows machine, I have Dropbox\Apps\Scrivener (the default place that iOS Scrivener looks). Underneath that, I have all of my active Scrivener projects. Whenever I open my projects in Scrivener from this location on the disk, the Dropbox client will automatically sync whatever changes I make back to the cloud and then on to my Mac and iOS machines. I don’t have to do anything special in Scrivener at all for Windows or Mac, other than make sure I close my project when I’m done for the session and wait for the Dropbox client to finish syncing the changes up to the cloud before I turn off Wi-Fi or shut down the computer. When I open the project on Windows or Mac, I wait for the Dropbox client to tell me it has synced all changes down before I open the project in Scrivener.

There is some guidance out there that you may want to consider pausing your Dropbox client before starting Scrivener, so it’s not syncing out during your writing session. When you’re done and have closed your project (at a minimum), then you start Dropbox back up and let it sync your changes.

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