Can't figure out text wrap in Corkboard

I love the idea of Corkboard, it’s very handy for doing research as well as outlining my drafts.
HOWEVER, I type on a card and the text does not wrap to fit the card, it goes off on one whole line that can’t be viewed easily. What’s the trick? (I figure I’m not standing on the correct toe and typing with my nose… :smiley: ) I have a lot of things that need the corkboard and this is driving me insane! I’ve looked on the site, through the forum, bought the Dummies book, have several sites bookmarked and I am finding nothing to solve this one. HELP!!!

Index cards show both the title and the synopsis. It sounds like you may be writing just in the title area, which only supports a single line of text–this is the document title that will appear in the binder for that document and other places in the interface. If you’re looking at the default index cards, they’ve got the red line at top and then blue lines below it. Above the red line is the title area; below it in the blue is the synopsis area, so just double-click into that lower section or press Tab to shift down if you’re in the title area.