Can't figure out this .mobi compilation issue

Getting really close to publishing my three books…

I have a strange issue with one book only. I have a workaround, but would like to understand the real problem and solution with your help please.

The book has 15 folders, which are the 15 sections of this non-fiction book. In the Compile dialog, Formatting section, I have unchecked ‘Text’ for the Folder level on the top row. I also added 10 lines of page padding. For 14 of the 15 folders, this produces exactly what I want: the section title is on its own in the middle of the page. For the 15th folder, the following chapter is directly below the section heading, rather than starting on the following page.

To try to sort this out, I created a new folder, then moved the documents from the old to the new. No change. I then inserted a new document as the first one in the folder, just calling it ‘Test’ with a single word in the document. No change. ‘Test’ appears just below the section heading.

The workaround I have found is to add a new blank text document as the first one in the folder. Name it using a space, so it looks blank, and insert a page break as the only content. That gives me the result I want in the Kindle Previewer, but it is not technically correct… So… what have I accidentally done to this section, and how can I fix it?


When you look at the Formatting pane in Compile, are all your folders at the same level? Do they all light up in yellow when you click on the top level in the Formatting pane?
I have a project where some of the top level folders in the Binder ended up as Level 1 and some as Level 2+ in the Formatting pane, both with folder icons.
Also, in the Contents pane, is there a difference in Pg Break Before or As is between different folders?

Those are the places I would start looking into.

Yes, all the folders, and only the folders, turn yellow at the top level. None of the folders turn yellow at the other levels.

However, yes, you found the problem. The ‘page break before’ tick mark was missing for that folder in the contents pane. No idea why.


You can set the page breaks in the Separators pane instead, if all folders are treated in the same way.

Glad to be of help! I have learned a lot from this forum. Regarding formatting for Kindle and epub Silverdragon recommended a book by Ed Ditto (“How to format your novel for Kindle, Nook, …” etc) and I learned a lot about formatting from that book.