Cant find APA Template

I must be missing something but after an hour searching posts,importing non fiction template and DLing the beta…I cannot for the life of me find an APA template.

Folks…what am I doing wrong…I am brand new and want to try this tool but had to give up a few weeks ago and head back to word.

THanks in advance…rob

I’m sorry, but the Paper (APA) template is only available for the Mac version of Scrivener at this stage. This is because the Windows version of Scrivener has not yet reached the full functionality of the Mac version 2.0 (which added some new features to compile and the editor specifically to accommodate certain requirements for various academic types like APA). As the feature set for the Windows version of Scrivener catches up with the Mac version, the template section will be expanded accordingly.

All of the supplied templates are founded on the Blank template, so if there isn’t a template to suit your needs, you can set one up yourself. There is a template called “Undergraduate Humanities essay” which would be a good starting point for modification for an academic paper, but you will probably need to compile to RTF and finish the project in a word processor to obtain all the features you need. This is often necessary even with the Mac version’s APA template, because users may wish to tweak the page layout (since Scrivener is not intended as a page layout program), or to use bibliographic/citations software to handle and format their references.


Thank you for the reply. Much appreciated.

What you could do is ask nicely in the mac forum if some kind soul would zip up a blank APA project. My current recipe Scrivener project file was originally a blank Mac document. (It needs to be version 2.0 or higher.) You can keep the blank project file around and rename it for your current project, so it’s available in the future.

Now that is clever…well done.

I think I may grab the wife’s mac and try that version…I will def snip the apa project tho. Very much appreciated.

Though to be clear the formatting output properties of this template will not convey. The “Non-fiction (with sub-heads)” template is going to be pretty close to what you’ll get trying to move the Mac template over in terms of Binder example starting structure and such. There isn’t much uniquely special in the APA style guide that would have cause for Binder structure.