Can't find details about Scriptwriting menu in User Manual

I have searched the Scrivener 2.0 UserManual.pdf for information about the menu: Format>Scriptwriting and how the Script Settings… dialog box works. Please let me know in what pages in the manual I can find them or another source for explanation of these features.
Thank you.

Hello, this section starts on pg. 173; the scriptwriting section in general is Chapter 19. However do note this section has undergone some heavy revision in the past week and there are a few inaccuracies. If you don’t mind waiting a day, a more up-to-date version will be shipping with 2.0.1 some time tomorrow—additionally the web site version will probably be updated sooner, but I don’t have a solid ETA on that yet.

You raise an interesting incidental point regarding searching for menu items. Since they are being typeset with a little glyph, that makes them kind of hard to search for as an entire menu path. I’ll have to give that some thought, but if you check in the appendix section on menus, the entire menu tree is there, and usually cross-references to the bulk of the documentation on that particular function, after briefly describing it.

Thank you for your prompt reply, Ioa.
We exchanged emails prior to the release of v2.0. I’m the chap in Sydney writing/directing the docudrama TV series.
The limitations of the flexibility of the printing/exporting of meta-data is still an issue for us but I’m still trying to work through the possible permutations in the Compile function to see if I can find a workaround.
Meanwhile, I’m trying to wrap my head around the Scriptwriting function… Page 173 of the pdf file I’m looking at is section 20.2 Option Panes & Chapter 19 is Creating a ToC. ?!?
Am I looking at the wrong manual?

Ah, yes! Glad to see you are still making a go of it. I hope you can find a way to coerce what you need out of the compiler, or at least in a format that makes it easy to post-process the information into a spreadsheet or what have you.

Chapters: That sounds way off. You might be reading the “quick and dirty” version that shipped with the early preview version of Scrivener? If you are getting a NaNoWriMo flash screen every time you load up the application, you should update that anyway. Grab the new version of Scrivener here. Remove the preview version from Applications and replace it with this one. You can also download the manual stand-alone from the support page in either US Letter or A4. I’ll hopefully be creating a “digital version” for the next revision as well, which will have less pronounced margins and be more optimised for an iPad sized screen. Depends on if I have time.

The next revision of the PDF should be close to complete (well, as much as any software manual ever can be). I’ve written another 20,000 words or so since the last revision.

Ah, that’s better. Thanks again, Ioa. You’re right… I was scrutinising the NaNWriMo relic :slight_smile:
I will have a read of Chapter 19.
Will there be an announcement posted in the Blog whenever a new version of the manual is ready?

I am finding the Compiler extremely perplexing :frowning:
To determine what the various components of my exported document will look like, I am Compiling lots of tests as print preview pdf. However, each time I apply formats to the various elements (eg: Title, meta-data, text, etc) at one or more of the Levels, then Compile, next time I go back to the Compiler I find that the formats have reverted back to previous settings. This happens whether I use the Save… feature at the bottom of the window or not. What am I doing wrong?

Not a separate announcement, because the new revision will be shipping with the 2.0.1 announcement, and we plan to push that out to the automatic update servers. So your copy should alert you when it is ready. Once it updates, the latest PDF will be included in the new software version. Like I said, I’ll probably put the PDFs up on the web site prior to that, and I’ll try to post a remark in this thread when I do, but I might be a little tired at that point and forget. :slight_smile:

On the compiler: Are you fiddling with the top drop-down menu at all? That’s the preset selector, and as such it will wipe out whatever custom settings you have made, and replace them with whatever the preset has been configured to do. That’s the only thing that should be erasing custom settings; you shouldn’t have to use Save, that is only there when you think of something to change, but aren’t ready to actually compile (as this can take a long time in large projects). Compiling saves automatically—or it should be at any rate. If it’s not there might be a bug.

If you haven’t been playing with the preset menu, and it keeps reverting on its own every time you dismiss this sheet, try opening up Console, which you can find in the Utilities folder, under Applications folder, and leave that running in the background. If Scrivener dumps any error messages, copy and paste them here.

Okay; website is updated; both Letter and A4

The A4 manual at that location seems to be the same as the previous one.
Both have “July, 2010 Revision: 2.0-01” on the front page (rather than 2.0.1-01) and a quick look through both on side-by-side monitors suggests they are the same document.

Try a cache reset in your browser. Chrome, in particular, has a nasty habit of ignoring modification date on the server and just assuming that because something has the same name, it must be the same—even if the size isn’t even the same. Very frustrating. I did a test download after uploading it, and verified it is v2.0.1-01.

That did the trick. :smiley:
Thanks again.