Can't find files

I have read other forum posts about this subject.
I recently opened Scrivener after about a month of inactivity. My projects seem to have disappeared from my computer. I also have it so it syncs to dropbox. i was able to recover my novel (thank goodness), but not my other projects. Does anyone have any idea of where I should look for my files? I’ve tried everything and can’t find them at all.
I appreciate your support!
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Okay… I’ve managed to find it. However, where is the best place to move the back up file to so that it automatically saves and syncs to Dropbox.

You should not have both your backups and your live projects in Dropbox. If something happens to your Db account you lose everything.

To save something on Dropbox, save it in a folder in your Dropbox folder. You do have the Dropbox app installed?

Why not use your iCloud account for backups – if you point Scrivener to put the backups in the iCloud Drive folder, then they will also be available across your devices, but will not be in the same place as Dropbox.

(I would not enable the iCloud Drive feature which manages all your files though: ie make sure “Documents and Folders” in System Preferences > iCloud > is Documents and Folders unticked. That’s because Apple decides when to move the files in and out of the cloud, not you, and I prefer to have the control.)

I’ve been using the ‘live documents in Dropbox, backups in iCloud Drive’ for years, and have never had a problem.

You use zipped backups, right?

Of course - it would be daft not to… I assumed the OP would be doing that anyway, but if not, then you’re right to point it out. Thanks.

Hi thank you for your replies.
I do have the App downloaded on my iPad. Documents would sync between my computer and the iPad which was great, but I don’t have my iPad with me and won’t have access to it for a few months still to redo the whole sync process.
I also don’t like using iCloud, which is why I’m using Dropbox instead.
Thanks for the tip about having the live projects somewhere different to the dropbox folder. How does this work with the syncing to a different device though? Sorry if this is such an obvious fix. I have a 5 week old and am feeling so sleep deprived that even easy tasks are seeming very difficult!

No, you need to have your live projects in Dropbox and should have your backups somwhere else.

The Dropbox app is needed on the Mac.