Can't find my Character Sketch Template

I can’t find the source folder for the document templates that Scrivener 3 uses. Is there someplace that I can find the path, or something I can search on (filename, etc.?) I’m stumped.

There aren’t any universal document templates that the software makes use of. You yourself can set up a central document template folder, in the General: Shared Templates pane—but we don’t create the folder or put anything in it by default.

So beyond that, some of the built-in project templates have some example character sheet templates. Is that what you are referring to?

I’m simply trying to change the Character Sketch “template” if that’s what it’s called, so that when I press Add - Character Sketch, Scrivener 3 (Mac OS) inserts one that I have created. That’s it.

Never mind, I didn’t realize that the “Template Sheets” folder was actually in the Binder! Doh! (Smacking forehead several times.) It’s easy as pie, once you see where it is! Problem solved. Thanks for the help !

Glad you found it! :smiley: