Can't Find Prefernces :(

I have just started exploring this very impressive looking program. It could well be exactly what I need to help me organise the non-fiction book I am working on.

I am currently trying various things to get used to the software and see its features. When I have wanted to do a couple of things, and have looked for information on how to, invariably the advice starts with something like ‘From the Scrivener menu choose Preferences’

But I don’t know where this ‘Scrivener menu’ is and have looked everywhere but no trace of any option in the menys I do have for anything called ‘Preferences’. Now I am just getting very frustrated and depressed that everything I need to do is in this menu and I am too stupid to find it.

Please can anyone shed any light on where it is?

At the top left of the screen, immediately to the right of the Apple with a bite out of it, is the word Scrivener. Click this, and the next thing you’ll see is the Scrivener menu. The second item is Preferences.

I hope, by the way, that before you try to do something significant with Scrivener, that you’ll go through the built-in tutorial. Ninety percent of new adopters who come here looking for advice will find everything they need in this one-hour interactive tutorial.

Preferences is a Mac OS X term. Since you are on Windows, I think the equivalent is Options ??? But, I can’t remember since it has been too long since I’ve used windows.

You’ll be looking under Tools->Options on Windows. When you’re doing searches on the forums, you might consider doing an “advanced” search (link right under the search box), which allows you to specify which part of the forum to search in. The windows version of Scrivener is working toward the feature set of Scrivener 1 for Mac, while the Mac version is 2.1 now; some of the Mac advice won’t apply to the Windows version for quite a while.