Can't find project from trial version

Hey I had a trial version then I bought the 3.0 and now I can’t find the project I was working on in the trial version - surely it transfers across into the new version? I keep being told there is no pathway? this is pretty upsetting because I had lots of work on it.
Also when I used to save pdfs in my research folder it would work fine on my mac now with windows version I can’t save annotated pdfs in my research folder? whats going on here?

I suspect you are using the Menu → Recent Projects menu to find your stuff? I then suspect that the new install doesn’t remember the recent projects.

Your Scivener projects are surely still where you put them.

If on Mac, use Finder to search for .scriv files (which are actually macOS “package”).

If Windows, use the File Explorer… And I understand that on Windows the Scrivener projects are not “packages”. It’s been years since I used Windows and I can’t remember so can’t give guidance.

Also: this a new issue so best to start a new thread rather than tack on to an irrelevant subject. Will get better attention for you.

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If you’re trying to open the project via the Recent Projects menu or Scrivener is attempting to auto-open the project and you’re getting an error popup saying that Scrivener can’t find the file at [file pathway], that usually is caused by the file being moved in Finder/File Explorer since the project’s last opening. In that case, Scrivener is looking where the file used to be, rather than where it currently is. You’ll just need to locate the file again through Finder/File Explorer by searching for the project name or .scriv.

You should be able to import PDF files into your Research folder on either Mac or PC. Are you using the File → Import → Files function or dropping them in? If dragging and dropping isn’t working, try using the File menu and see if that works. If not, what error are you getting when trying to import the file?