cant "find" the highlighted text

when i enter text into the search field and then click on the file it shows it’s in, the file appears in the editor but i have to scroll all the way up and down to find where the highlighted text is… im searching thru some rather large files so it takes a long while to scroll up and down - is there a way to make the highlighted text of what im searching for appear in the part of the editor that im currently viewing? thx for any search tips etc

After you run the project search, open the regular find/replace (Cmd-F). It’ll be auto-loaded with your project search term, and you can then just use Cmd-G to step through the instances in the document. If you want to step through all the documents together, after you run the project search you can click the “Search Results” header in the binder and switch to Scrivenings view, then hit Cmd-F and then Cmd-G. Shift-Cmd-G will jump back to the previous instance.

that works - great and thank u !!