Can't find the processing pane - d/l the version from L&L

I can’t find the processing pane in the compile format dialog.
I have d/l Scrivener from L&L.

  1. Is there a way I can confirm that I am, indeed, running the version of Scrivener 3 that I d/l from L&L, and not the Apple Store version?
  2. Where might the processing pane entry be?
  3. What dumb mistake have I made? :slight_smile:
    Thanks for the help

Yes, you can easily tell which version you are using by going to main “Scrivener” application menu and checking for a “Check for Updates” function, as well as activation/deactivation commands. The App Store version will have neither of these.

The second thing to check for is whether you have selected a file type that has access to the Processing compile format pane: either “Plain Text” or “MultiMarkdown”.

Great: I was running the right version and yes, I found the panel under MMD

Thank you very much - I’m grateful for the help.