Can't Find Tools or Globally Change Font

Hi Everyone:

I’m sure I’m overlooking something really simple but I’ve gone through all the menus I can find and can’t locate Tools.

That said, I also can’t seem to generate a global font for my document as everything I read is pointing me to Tools to accomplish that.

I’ve tried putting my cursor in the middle of a properly formatted paragraph and right clicking but that doesn’t do anything.

Also, at the top of my document there’s a bar showing Segue as the font and a font size of 9. I never selected that and it seems to be inoperable. Have tried changing it to my preferred font but the bar is greyed out and unresponsive.

I remember resetting the global font frequently in the older version of Scrivener. Am sure it’s just as easy in this version if I can just get set on the right path.

Any help most appreciated,
p.s. I’m trying to set the font for the current document, not future ones, although if that happens, too, it’s fine.