Can't get Chapters to appear in Compile

Trying to compile for mobi - I have the title page, copyright, dedication & ONE (1st chapter) but that’s it. Other chapters are there but not listed in Table of Contents, really trying to avoid paying people $100 for this formatting but this has taken hours already with no results - no good ones anyway. You help greatly appreciated.

Do the chapters et all appear in the “Contents” list in File > Compile? (Click the blue arrow button to the right of the Format As menu button if you don’t see the sidebar in compile with “Contents” and other options.) It could just be that the documents are misplaced in the binder to be siblings of the Draft folder (maybe called Manuscript or something else in your project) rather than its children. All your chapter items should be at the same level as the first chapter (that is compiling correctly).

So for example if you collapse the Draft folder in the binder via the disclosure triangle beside it, all your chapter documents should be hidden. If you still see them, they’re not inside the Draft and just need to be moved into it. You can do that by selecting them and dragging and dropping onto the Draft folder.

Another possibility, if all the items appear correctly in the compile Contents list, is that they are being included but just aren’t listed in the mobi’s TOC. If you’ve already checked on this, ignore this paragraph. :wink: The automatically generated table of contents is based on the page breaks, so it could be that you’ve got a page separator before our first chapter but not between it and the subsequent ones. Try going to the Separators tab in compile and switching Text/Text and Text/Folder to use the “page break” separator. Which you want will depend on what type of documents you have in the binder, but probably one of those will catch it.

If you’re having trouble, could you post a screenshot of the binder showing the Draft folder with the first few chapters visible (for comparison between the one compiling and the ones not)? That would give us some better ideas about what might be going on.

So if I have 3 things that look like folders,
search results
and -binder-
and binder,
everything is in the wrong place?
I don’t see how to drag and drop to the correct place.

The “Search Results” and “Binder” at the top are the collection tabs. You can toggle their visibility with the blue folder icon, second to the right (circled in purple in the screenshot below). The header bar below that shows the title of the currently displayed tab, this case the full binder. So that’s right; for this you want to be displaying the binder, so you can see the whole hierarchical structure of the project.

What I’m suggesting is that you may have a structure like in the image below, where some of your chapter items are at the same level as the Draft folder instead of being its children. In the screenshot, the “copyright” document and “Chapter” folder are children of the Draft–you can see they’re indented slightly more–but the “Not in Draft” folder sits at the same level as the Draft.

Only items inside the Draft folder are part of the compile group, so if this is the problem, you just need to move the items outside the Draft into it. You can do that by dragging and dropping the parent items onto the Draft folder or selecting them and using the Documents > Move commands to shift their position. You can also shift them with the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Right/Left/Up/DownArrow.

In the screenshot, you’d select “Not in Draft” and then use Ctrl+RightArrow to move it (and its child document with it) in one level, making it a child of the Draft, the same as the “Chapter” folder. Selecting “Not in Draft” and dragging and dropping it onto “Draft” would do the same thing.