Can't Get Color Picker to Work?

I have the trial version of Scrivener (3.2.2) on MacOS Big Sur (11.2.3) and I’m experimenting with changing various appearances. I’ve been trying everything, but I can’t get a color picker to appear when I click on any color swatch in Preferences (e.g. Preferences > Appearance > Binder > Binder Background > Colors). Based on demos I’ve seen, I think a color picker is supposed to appear, right? Is there anything obvious I could have done that might be blocking this? Or, do I have this totally wrong?

It should be bringing up the system colour tool when you click on the little swatches, yup. Does the colour palette work from anywhere at all? Try in TextEdit for example, and Scrivener’s own text editor (where the same tool can be used to change the selected text’s colour).

If it isn’t working anywhere, I’d check Console logs—could be you have an ancient colour plug-in that broke and is crashing it in the background. I had that happen to me a few years ago.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! I tried in TextEdit and a swatch palette came up, but the “Show Colors…” dialog didn’t. I looked at the console and there weren’t any relevant errors I could see. I tried deleting the TextEdit preferences file. That didn’t fix it. Then, I found a post somewhere about colors and the solution was to restart in “Safe” mode which apparently does some clean-up in the process of booting. TextEdit “Show Colors…” still didn’t work under Safe mode, but when I restarted normally, I could see just a corner of the color palette pop up at the edge of my screen. Once I dragged the palette into view, everything seems to work like I expect. So, yay, now I can change my binder background to fluorescent green! :slight_smile:

It must have been off screen the whole time. :laughing: That’s a new one, but I suppose it could happen if you switch monitors or copy the user folder between machines. I would have thought it would prevent that from happening though.

Anyway, enjoy the customisation! Sometimes, before I know it, half the day is gone once I start messing with colours. A wicked effective procrastination tool, the Appearance tab is.