Can't get Filter dialogue to appear

I’ve been going through the user manual as it’s been a while and there are features I’m not familiar with. I was trying to use the Filter function but all it brings up is the Find dialogue. This happens whether I click Filter in the menu or try the keyboard shortcut. I am in an Outliner view (otherwise I get the Chirp of Denial) but other than that I don’t know what else I’m supposed to be doing to get it to work. Help?

Scrivener 3.1.2
OS X 10.14.5

Edit: I can get the Filter dialogue to appear on a selection of search results. Does filter only work on search results and not, say, folders, even though the Filter command isn’t greyed out for regular folders?

It should be working whenever the selection is active in an outliner or corkboard view, make sure it’s not in the binder (that will bring up the regular find box).

You might also try downloading 3.1.3, which was just uploaded. That isn’t something it specifically addresses, but there are a many other fixes worth having, and sometimes a little reset of the application helps.

I downloaded the update this morning. I still can’t get Filter to work except on multiple selections in Search Results (or a Collection). I know the focus is on the editor window because if it isn’t I don’t get anything at all (not even Find), just the Mac Chirp of Denial. Still puzzled.

Edit: Oooooh. Finally got it. You have to select items IN the Outliner view. Never mind if they are already selected in the Binder view and displayed in the Outliner. Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

Yup! Sorry that’s what I meant about the outliner being the thing with “focus”. If you just click on a folder in the binder and then hit ⌘F then the command gets “sent” to the binder, not the outliner. I like ⌃⇥ for this particular thing, as that moves the focus from the binder to the outliner without having to click anywhere in particular with the mouse.

The confusion was thinking that clicking on the Outliner window header to shift focus (get the blue bar under it) to that window was enough (it’s not). I didn’t realize I still have to go in and select (highlight) all the files IN the Outliner window.