Cant get graphics to center

At the start of each chapter I use the following in my style for docx compiling:
Chapter <$t:chapter><$rst_scene><$img:<$custom:Character>;w=160>

The results is:
CHAPT R1.jpeg

If I change it to (two carriage returns between the _scene and $img):
Chapter <$t:chapter><$rst_scene>


The result is:
Chspt r2.jpeg

If I move the $img to the style suffex:
I get this:
Chapt r3.jpeg

How can I center these 3 items on seperate lines?

The prefix, title and suffix will all occupy the same line by default, as demonstrated in the first figure in §24.2.4, Title Options of the user manual PDF. To have the title occupy multiple lines, you would either want to use line breaks (⌥⌘↩) or regular paragraph breaks, depending on whether the title should be considered one element or more.

If you scroll down in the PDF to the second illustration, you will find an example that describes how to do exactly what you are intending to do—only it uses a Unicode symbol instead of an image.

What happens if you add an empty line after the image tag:

Chapter <$t:chapter><$rst_scene>↩

The second example looks to me like “The day of the Stroke” is on the same line with the image, and so needs a paragraph break/new line after the image to make them occupy separate lines.