Can't get latest version of document to sync with Dropbox

I am at my wits end with this thing.

I have set up my Scrivener to sync with Dropbox using all of the very good advice I’ve found on these boards. I’ve made it as far as being able to open a draft of my dissertation with my iPhone, but it’s an old draft. Then I read that you shouldn’t use “Sync with External Folder,” so I set up my desktop Scrivener to back up to my Dropbox folder. No dice - it backed up there but when I try to open it on iOS it tells me that the project “lacks a binder structure.” Now when I go to open my dissertation on my desktop app, there are two “Dissertation” documents listed and I am basically going slowly insane.

Can someone help? Have I screwed this up irrevocably? And perhaps most importantly - how can I get my $20 back??

You should neither “Sync with external folder” nor use the Backups. You simply use ordinary “Save as…” in the desktop version and save to the Dropbox folder you have chosen in your iOS device.

I did that. It still tells me that my project “lacks a valid binder structure.”

Have you done everything according to Megan’s beautiful instruction?

Have you made sure Dropbox has finished syncing on the desktop? If it hasn’t, then all the files won’t be available on the Dropbox servers for Scrivener to download, so you may end up with an incomplete project on the device (and then may see such an error). Check it’s finished syncing on the desktop, and when it has, sync on iOS again to download the rest of the files.