Can't Get Left-Justfy to Stick When Compiling to Word .docx Format

I’m trying to get align-left text to stick in compiling to Word .docx format, but not getting anywhere. In my foreword I want to have the writer’s name signature and details to be left justified, but compile keeps indenting the first line. What I want is…

Love May Be Closer Than You Think!
Brent Wm. Bauer
Leadership Consultant
Bauer Leadership Consulting Group

What I end up with is…

Using Preserve Formatting doesn’t work because it also preserves other formatting that I don’t want such as the font and font size. I had a similar issue in compiling to Kindle format, but was able to correct it with some css. Compiling to .docx doesn’t have the same level of control. Any ideas?

If the rest of your text is indented, then you could use a left-aligned style for these lines. (This is the sort of thing that styles allow you to do that could never be done in 2.x.)

The above output is what I was getting when using a left-aligned style. I decided to create a new style and apply it and that seemed to correct the problem. Not sure what was wrong with the previous style.