Can't get out of table

Hey there,

I created a table and filled it out. Now, when I try to start a new paragraph after the table, I’m stuck typing in the last table cell. I’ve tried to tab out, hit return, etc., but nothing lets me start writing a new paragraph under the table. How can I fix this? Thanks!

Hard to tell from here… but first step when I get into that situation is to to turn on “Invisibles” (Toolbar) which will display the so-called invisible characters, e.g. the pilcrow symbol ¶

Most likely there will be one below the table. Go there to start writing.

If not, what I would do is select the entire table, cut to clipboard, enter some new empty paragraphs with the enter key, and then paste back in the table above one of the empty paragraphs. Start writing below.

This is the way paragraphs on computer writing tools has worked for a very long time.

Alternative solution, simply start a new sibling document. If it really concerns you that it is a separate document, merge it with the one containing the table. I’m not at my computer so I can’t give you the exact steps, but Cmd-N for a new document and Merge documents comes in the Documents menu … highlight the two in the binder and choose from the menu, though I think it might be Cmd-M.



This worked! Thanks Mark :slight_smile:

My pleasure.