Can't get Outliner to remember columns

I’m the MAC OS version of Scrivener version: 3.1.3 (19945). It seems no matter how I indicate I want columns on the outliners they don’t get saved. I’ve tried through making and saving my own layout (with the “Save outliner and corkboard options” and “Save Metadata appearance Option” checked to be on). I’ve tried added the columns using the checkboxes (accessed through the “>” at the top of the outline bar, and through View>Outliner Options - and checking them there.

I read most of the comments related to Outliner in this forum but am not gleaning why and can’t get the columns to save. Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong?

With regards to Layouts, it is the checkbox to “Save outliner and corkboard settings” that impacts whether columns are saved. Are you saying that the layout doesn’t change the window, or that it changes it, but reloading still loses the changes? If the latter, that would make more sense—layouts are just an automated way of doing all of these things by hand. It all goes to the same place.

As for that, columns are saved along with a number of other project settings, have you noticed other settings revert? For example, if you expand a folder in the binder and reload, does it stay expanded? If you add numbers to index cards on the corkboard, does that setting stick?

Something to try in the meanwhile is this checklist.

AmberV - Yes, I’m saying that when I add columns to the layout it does change the screen and as long as I leave that view open all it well. But one closed and reopened the columns revert back to the defaul of lable and status. It doesn’t not appear that any other project settings are lost. Any thoughts?

Did you try the checklist I sent a link to? I think that should fix the problem, especially if it is only one project that is acting this way.

Amber, the checklist looks like it might take some time, so I haven’t done yet. As soon as I have a down day in my writing, I will attempt and let you know. I have it printed out and ready to go. Thanks for your insights.


The checklist ended up being VERY EASY! It worked like a charm. The columns are now saving in the outliner.
Appreciate the assist.
Thank you,

Oh no, I meant to respond to this to say that it’s only a long checklist if you can’t open the project! Well, I’m glad you found it easy and it solved the problem. :slight_smile: