Can't get page breaks between front matter sections

My Front Matter folder contains a Paperback folder. In that folder are four files (not folders):

  • Title Page, type is Front Matter
  • Copyright Page, type is Front Matter
  • Dedication, type is Front Matter
  • Contents, type is Contents Page.
    The first three are section type As-is; the last is section type Table of Contents (Bordered).
    Separator before sections: and Separator between sections: are default (page break)
    I compile to PDF. I have Add front matter: Paperback checked . The above four sections are checked in the list of things to output.

Result: The first three files are run together into two pages, split in the middle of the paragraph about permissions on the copyright page, as if they were all on the same file.
I have tried Insert:Break:Page Break, but that doesn’t do anything.
I have not had this problem with any of my previous books. I have done my best to compare all the possibly relevant settings I can find (as listed above) with previous books, but clearly something is different. Help?

Any chance your “as is” type has page breaks for folders only (some defaults do – see attached)?

[attachment=0]As Is.png[/attachment]