Can't get page breaks on export draft

I’ve just really got into Scrivener, using it to organize a large book of poetry, and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t discover it earlier.

However, I’ve got one problem, though it seems so basic I imagine the bug is with me rather than the software. I’m attempting to export my entire draft, with page breaks dividing the poems. I’ve checked the “Page Break Before” box for each text document, but when I look at the RTF of the export, everything’s been run on. As there are over 250 individual poems, I’d prefer not to have to do it by hand . . .

My apologies for asking what strikes me as an utterly dumb basic question, but I can’t locate an answer anywhere. And my profound thanks to Keith for such a great piece of software, even if I’m not yet using it properly.

Scrivener 1.01
OS X 10.4.8

In which program are you opening the RTF file? If you open it in TextEdit, you will have to choose Format > Wrap To Page to see the page dividers, for instance. If you open it in MS Word, Nisus or Mellel, you should see the page breaks immediately.

Got it in one. Many thanks! The sound you hear is me hitting my head off the wall . . .