Can't get paragraph styles to stick for "normal"

I’m trying to use the paragraph styles feature to redefine the “normal” style to the Input Sans font face at a light weight. I can get the other styles to redefine, but normal keeps reverting to the normal font weight. Is there a work around?



There is no ’normal’ like it is in Word. In Scrivener the normal is ’no style’ and you can change it in Preferences if you always want to have the same.

Hi Lunk,
To make the export easier, I’ve created a “normal” style.

In that case it’s the compile settings you need to check. They are not automatically connected to your writing styles. And the font you want must be available for the output format you choose.

Sorry, I was being totally unclear. I’m talking about maintaining the format in the Scrivener editor, not in a compiled format. The strange thing is that the same font settings will stick for other styles. Normal just refuses to remember the font and font weight.

Yes, you are being totally unclear… but what if I try to rephrase it, to make it more clear?

So what you have done is to create a number of styles for use in the editor while you are writing and all of those new styles except one work as expected? Correctly understood so far? And the one that doesn’t work, the style X, exactly what happens?

I know roughly where you’re coming from; Nisus Writer Pro expects a “Normal” base style, If you want to compile with a style labelled “Normal”;

(1) you create a style in the Compiler labelled “Normal” with the font and other parameters that you want. The compiler will then use that for any paragraph styled “Normal” in the editor.

(2) use “No Style” for all the main body text, but create styles for all those paragraphs which differ from the body; e.g. a “First” style without first line indent used after headings etc. NWP will give those “No Style” paragraphs its “Normal” style.

(1) was the solution I found initially; (2) I’m working on at the moment as it fits in better with the underlyiing Scrivener ethos.


Hi Lunk,

That snark was unhelpful.


Can you go into greater detail regarding how it fails to ‘remember’? A few possibilities come across to me, so I’m unclear as to what isn’t being remembered/isn’t sticking…

  • In your project ‘normal’ and ‘no style’ are very similar, just not the same weight. When you create a new paragraph, it’s going back to ‘no style’.
  • When you update ‘normal’, you are failing to check all the necessary boxes for what the style keeps up with, which includes ‘weight’, which might be another word for ‘bold’.
  • You are ‘exporting’ using File->Export->Files, and by ‘not sticking’, you mean the ‘normal’ style isn’t present in the output file.
  • You mean ‘compile’ when you mention exporting, and you haven’t customized your compile settings to include the ‘normal’ style, so that’s getting stripped from ‘normal’ text and being replaced by your default ‘no style’ font settings.

Do any of the above match what you’re experiencing? If not, please provide a step-by-step account of what you’re doing that reproduces your issue so we can better understand what’s going on.

Absolutely! :smiley:

It was meant to make you realize that you are not providing enough information as to what it is exactly you are trying to do and in what way it doesn’t work the way you expect it to. If you look at Xiamenese’s and rdale’s answers you should realize that they try to guess what it is you mean, which also I did.

Provide more information if you want help. You ARE being ”totally unclear”, as you yourself phrased it. :wink:

Sorry to butt in, but how exactly are you being helpful in this instance? The OP quite obviously realised that they were being unclear in their description, as per their third post. Sometimes a user’s technical phraseology is not good enough to be able to adequately describe an issue, and that is especially true when Scrivener has gone through some huge changes and introduced new concepts. Rudeness is a strange way to offer advice, or to encourage clarity, especially from a person who is ordinarily so helpful. At a time when Lit&Lat’s support is overwhelmed with requests for help and consequently delayed in responding, the forum should be a place that users can come for help without being made fun of, or snarked at.

I hope you read the thread from the start… Insufficient information makes it impossible to help.

I did. That wasn’t my point at all.

OP, I hope you figure out the issue.