Can't get Scapple to quit

For some reason there is no way of me quitting Scapple - in fact there’s no way of doing anything. Can you help me? I’m not the world’s best technician and I just can’t get any sort of response. Thank you.

Hi Janey,

I don’t actually use Scapple but, assuming and hoping you have managed to save your work …

  1. Have you tried Ctrl-click on the dock icon?
  2. If that doesn’t work, try “Force Quit”, either from the Apple Menu or using Opt-Cmd-Esc.
  3. If even that doesn’t work, the heavyweight solution is to hold down the power key to do a forced shut down of the computer.

In the meantime, it would probably help others, including KB et al., if you could say which version of MacOS you have, and your version of Scapple.



Sometimes to do (1) or (2) you need to get away from the frozen app, i.e., not have it be the frontmost application. This can often be accomplished by just clicking on your Desktop in order to make Finder frontmost.