can't get Scrivener to run!

Hi, I’m not great with computers, just a plodder. I downloaded Scrivener and followed the prompts and did all the tutorial… I tried to do the drag the icon to the applications place, but I just can’t open Scrivener. I can still open a Scrivener write up, but nothing else.
All help would be greatly appreciated as I am in France till mid January and my French sucks so I can’t walk into a store and get help!


We have all been right where you are at one point in time or another. Let’s see if we can get you working.

When you double click the icon, check the menu bar. It should have “Scrivener” next to the apple menu. To open a new project go to the “File” menu then select “New”.

Did that get it for you?

Thank you Jayson. I am nervous about risking my book to this yet, I think I need to get it backed up first, because with a new program I could really screw up.
Again, many thanks

Like I said we have all been there.

There are many many many folks here who can help you with any questions. Many of them rely on scrivener to help them pay the bills. Even better, one of the folks that you are likely to meet here actually wrote the program himself. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask them on the forums. Someone is sure to have an answer.

Now if that person is vic-k, you may find the answer … shall we say less than useful. He is a bit neurotic but harmless.

Welcome to the crew.

BTW the next free update will have a splash screen that will make this much easier to remember. Keith is targeting release for the first portion of 2009.

That is always good practice, and once you are working in Scrivener, you’ll find it is simple to back up your projects while you are working too. One of the menu commands in the File menu allows you to create dated and compressed versions of your project in a special folder. A lot of us like to use Dropbox, which is a free service that keeps your files safe in a location on the Internet (but private, so only can access them). I probably back up my projects four or five times per day to Dropbox using this function. At the end of the week I clear out the old ones.