Can't get tutorial to load

Hi–I just learned about Scrivener today and wanted to give it a try. But I’ve tried downloading it twice and neither time have been able to open the tutorial (which I will desperately need!) I get a message saying to trash it and try downloading again, but am having no luck. What am I doing wrong?


Sounds like a permissions issue whereby it is trying to open the Tutorial as read-only (Scrivener can’t open read-only projects). Is the application still on the DMG?

Either way, I recommend you download the 1.08 beta from the Beta Testing forum. It fixes some bugs that are in the release version and will become the official 1.1 release version very soon - and if you experience this tutorial issue, the new beta offers to save the tutorial elsewhere and then opens it from there automatically, circumventing the problem you are having.

Thanks for trying Scrivener.
All the best,