Can't HIGHLIGHT PDF that is imported as alias

I’ve used the “import research files as alias” to bring several PDFs into Scrivener, hoping that I could mark them up with highlights, but still have access to them from other PDF readers.

But the highlighter command is dimmed and unavailable

That does seem to be the case. I don’t think have any notes on this, so it might be an oversight or it could just be a limitation on editing documents through an alias. I’ve made a note to bring it up with Keith. Looks like for right now though, you need to do your highlighting in an external editor (click the application icon button at the bottom to do this easily).

Thanks–at least I won’t be hunting around for a way to make it work! (And I didn’t know about the external editor button–that will do most of what I need.)

Yeah, in fact most people like to use an external editor anyway, as that way you can add annotations and other markings as well as highlights. The kit we use for PDF only provides support for highlighting.

It’s not an oversight - you cannot edit aliases directly inside Scrivener, but will need to open them in an external editor.
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