Can't import a PDF file

I have a PDF i want to import. it’s saved on my desktop but when i click on “import file”, the option to import the PDF isn’t there and PDF is no longer listed in the supported file types. How do i get around this? Do i have to convert the PDF back to a word doc? I’d like to avoid this at all if possible.

To where are you expecting to import? To the “Draft” folder be converted to text and then to allow edits which does not work since PDF is not editable? Or into “Research” folder which should work just fine?

If looking to make it source for edits into a manuscript, then yes, use some other tool to convert to text or rtf format.

Ah okay, that’s answered my question. i need it to be editable so i will convert it to rtf. thank you!

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Another possibility is that if it is ocr’d so it is text, then you can Ctrl-A to select all and just copy into scrivener. All the formatting will be lost, but the text will be there if it is formatted simply.

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