Can't import anything.

I am gathering information for my thesis - Running OSX Sierra - Initially(under El Capitan) I was able to import web pages by doing a save as in safari, and then an import files.

That stopped functioning, in fact it started crashing. So I contacted support - they suggested just importing from the URL in the import web pages drop down - That was just as useless, as the web pages in question have some pop-ups, and the embedded browser in Scrivener that displays them, leaves the popups there, which makes it impossible to read .

But now, I want/need to import some text files (and possibly PDFs) - I select import files, and it crashes as soon as it displays the directory. The Help Desk person (Jeff) I worked with said the original problem was going back to the developers, and that it might be some unruly scripts on the web pages that I am trying to import, but now it’s happening with an import files, and before I can even select a source.

It’s also been about 3 weeks and I haven’t heard anything from the developer(s).

ANyone else seeing similar.

Have you tried dragging the files into the binder directly, instead of using the Import menu?

That works for the basic importation of a file - a PDF or the like - that said, the menu option(s) should work, otherwise they shouldn’t be there.

Still doesn’t resolve the import web pages issue.

So, just to restate -

If I go to import a file - Scrivener crashes. which makes importing useless.

If I go to import a web page, there is no way of suppressing pop-ups - which makes importing useless…

Just to say - you may get a quicker response to this if you place your post in the Scrivener for the Mac > Technical Support sub-forum. (I’m assuming that your query concerns Scrivener for the Mac, rather than Scrivener for iOS.)