Can't Import Audio

I’ve been trying to import some mp3 files into a project and the file names re all greyed out.

I’ve imported audio into other projects, but for some reason this time I can’t make it work.

Has anybody else had this problem?

Any advice on what I’ve got set wrong?

Thanks in advance for the help.

If you are trying to import media files or really just anything that isn’t some form of text file that Scrivener supports, and find that the option to select these files has been greyed out, then ensure you are not in fact trying to import these items into the Draft folder. The selection highlight in the Binder is what determines where the imported files go, and so it should be set prior to initiating the import command. Thus if you have an invalid location selected (Trash is another one) you won’t be able to pick files.

The Draft folder is a special location that is used to build the text of your work. It is what will be used as the source location when compiling proofs or final copies out of the project. Thus it makes no sense for free-floating images, music files and so forth to be located within this area of the Binder.

See Also:

  • “8.1 How the Binder is Organised”, in the user manual, starting on pg. 73.

Thanks, Amber.

I thought I’d made sure I wasn’t sending the imports to “Draft”. Perhaps not.

I’ll reconfirm.