Can't import doc files

I’ve been hunting around the pages here and the bug reports, can’t find this. I can’t import any .doc files into the Binder, either by drag 'n dropping or by using the Finder. What happens is that I get an entry in the binder with the name of the .doc document but no text, and it doesn’t have any icon (e.g., folder or text) next to the name in the binder. Doesn’t matter where I try to import them–Draft or Research, folders, whatever. Is this not yet supported? I’ve got dozens of Word .doc files to import, hoping there’s a fix for this.

I’m running Scrivener beta 1.7 under Windows 7 6-bit OS.

Argh, that should have read Windows 7 64-bit

I have the same problem!
I can’t import Pdf’s either. When I do, I see the icon, but it shows as having 0 pages.
When I import .doc I don’t see any icon, nor do I see any text.
I also run Win 7 64.

I couldn’t import anything at first. I saw your post about PDFs yesterday when I was looking for information about importing. After closing the program and opening it again, I was able to import PDFs and txt files and JPGs. But not docs. I rebooted the computer, just in case that might help, but it didn’t. Maybe we should be posting in the bug report forum.

Well, I decided to try installing the program on my computer that’s running Vista 64-bit. I can import docs there (though the program seems to crash a lot more). So my workaround for now is that I’ll see if I can import all those doc files on that machine and then copy the project files over to the Win 7 laptop, where I do most of my writing. And I’ll go post in the bugs forum. Good luck with your PDFs. Hopefully, the next build will fix some of this stuff.

I run Win Vista 64 bits and I am facing the same problem, even on the latest beta. Here are the screenshots: