Can't Import Files[BUG LOGGED]

I tried importing my files (doc) onto Scrivener and the text isn’t there at all.
I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong but the name of the file shows up in my binder, but there are no texts in it.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

There are several bugs logged regarding import of data. Can you tell me what the file type is you are importing i.e. rtf, doc, docx, html etc.

In the interim, can you cut and paste to document into the Scrivener editor?


I was trying to import several (i think 6 or 7) .doc files.
The name of the files came up on the binder but no text. After deleting the files I just copied and pasted the text onto Scrivener. Most of the texts came out uniform but several was missing its tab and the font and size was all different too.

The first beta of Scrivener, IIRC, does not support importing of .doc, .docx or .odt files.

You need to save them as .rtf files (In MS Word, File -> Save as)

Take note that formatting such as indenting may not work as well as it could be, so you are perhaps better off copying the entire text in the Word Document file and then pasting it into Notepad to remove/strip out all the formatting, THEN either save the Notepad file as .rtf or copy from the Notepad file into Scrivener.

I saved my word file (Word 07) into RTF and used the drag/drop to import.
Same as above, the name of the file appeared but without any text.

Yeah, so I cut and paste.