Can't import files from Mac

I’m running Scrivener 1.54 on my Macbook (Snowleopard). I have just installed the test version of windows Scrivener on my PC (Windows 7 x64). I tried to import my project from my Mac but so far no luck.
I tried copying the files (backup .scriv and backup zip) via dropbox, sent by email and usb stick. Makes no difference.
Files open on the Mac and are ok.
First problem is that half the time Explorer wants to open/opens the .scriv file (says it’s an archive)instead of importing it.
If I can successfully import it everything is blank.
I tried exporting the project in a doc file. Opens fine on the Mac. On the pc it says Converting Error: file not doc format file. hresult 80030050

I would be really grateful for any help!!!

Scrivener for Windows is not compatible with Scrivener for Mac 1.54. You need to be using the new version to work in a cross-platform scenario like this. The old project format was designed years ago and back then there was no even dream of there ever being a Windows version, so it uses a lot of Mac specific technology inside of it that Windows cannot read.

Sorry about that! The new version of Scrivener is a $25 USD upgrade since you already have a licence for it. To get your discount coupon, use the Update from 1.0 link on the main product page.

If you just want to export or compile your text from the Mac project and then import it into a new project in Windows, this is doable, but the problem right now is that the .doc file you’re creating from the Mac is an RTF file under the hood, with the .doc extension. This lets Word and OpenOffice and so on open it fine, but the converter than Scrivener for Windows is using gets thrown by some of the RTF code inside and throws that error. This should be addressed in a future update, but for now try just changing the extension from .doc to .rtf or doing a “Save As” in Word to create a new .doc. The file should import to Scrivener correctly then.