Can't import from mac.

Hey there.

I’m new on the linux part of Scrivener and after installing Scrivener successfully on a 64-bit machine (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) I find that I can’t open files created on my Mac OSX (Snow Leopard) Scrivener side.

To be clear, I can open new projects on the Linux side but when I try and import “open existing” projects from my Mac OS side all I get is a folder with the .scriv appended. When I try and open that folder I just open it like it was a regular folder and not a .scriv project. So I end up with a whole library full of .scriv(s) which I can’t open on my linux machine.

Any idea what to do?

Is there a project.scrivx file inside the .scriv directory? Try opening that.

Well what do you know… I could have sworn that the .scrivx wasn’t there. But it is. Well thanks for getting me to look again :slight_smile: