Can't Import MS Word Mac .doc or .docx Files

I’m attempting to import Word files [.doc & docx] into Scrivener and they hang at the importing window. Converting goes fine but when it comes to importing it just hangs with the blue bar [completion bar] all the way across but it just won’t complete. I’ve waited for ten minutes for this and no joy.

Though it might be a corrupt Word file so I opened these and checked them out and everything was fine.

Then I tried other Word files and the same thing happened.

On the previous version of Scrivener [I’m using 2.3 now] I had no problem. Is anyone else having this problem??

I converted the file to RTF format and tried again and it worked. This is only a work around…disturbing that the import failed.

Perhaps someone may want to look into this.


Can you please try this version and let me know if it fixes the issue for you? …


Hi Keith,

I’m experiencing this problem too - although it’s not a major problem. Am using 2.3 too. I get the following message hanging:

Screen Shot 2012-07-02 at 09.56.15.jpg

I don’t particularly want to download your link file above, because everything else seems to work fine, but just wanted to point out that others were having this problem too.

Many thanks,


Please do download the link above. It’s just 2.3 but with this one thing fixed (I hope). A user reported the same issue straight after 2.3 was released, and I put this build together for her. The trouble is that if you don’t download and test the link, I’ll have no way of knowing whether it is fixed or not (whether the problem you are having is the same one she reported or something else altogether), so the bug could persist into the next version. So I’d be really grateful if you would download and test it.


All the best,

Hi Keith,

Sorry, didn’t think about that! Yes, have now downloaded the version in the link above and that resolves the problem.

Thanks for that!

Fantastic! Many thanks for downloading it and testing it - that helps a lot. Please feel free to keep on using this version as well, because, as I say, it’s just 2.3 but with that fixed.

Thanks again and all the best,

Hi –
I was having the same problem and downloading the link fixed it. Thanks.