Can't import or export documents from the 64-bit .deb

I’m on Ubuntu 12.02 and cannot import or export documents.

When I try to import using anything other an plain text (.txt), I get “converter not found”.

When I try to export, I get an error message that I cannot actually read (see attachments).

Using tools -> options -> import/export, there are only two document types listed in either importer or exporter converters submenus.

Only DOC or DOCX exist (although I cannot actually import/export to/from either of them), and only ‘Scrivener’ and ‘Doc2Any’ exist as importers/exporters.

I’ve seen others ask about this, and nobody has gotten a response from what I can see.

This is a complete blocker for actually using Scrivener on Linux, as exporting something is the crucial final step. Has anyone gotten this to work. If so, can you please share your steps?

Huh, that’s odd. Was working for me, but I only usually use *.rtf files. (Holdover from when that was the only thing working during the Scrivener windows beta.)

RTF doesn’t work either, unfortunately. I’d be amenable to RTF, honestly. But none of them work.

Hmmmm. What does ldd output as? Are you starting it via the script (that unseats QT plugin path) or just the binary? If you start Scrivener in a terminal, do you get any kind of errors when you try to import/export something?

On Linux Mint 17.3 (also .deb-based) exporting works fine for rtf and odt. But importing only works for rtf. With odt it says “Converter not found”.

Because your Ubuntu is rather old, maybe try an update (you could try it out in a VirtualBox installation first).

On UbuntuStudio 14.04 LTS with scriv beta 64 bit : the only import I can do is from rtf or txt files but they do seem to work fine. Only hiccup is that the import from rtf ends up in some strange but usable font “BPG Excelsior Condencerd GPL&GNU” which is easily put back to what I need. And from txt, it imports as “DejaVu Sans” - again easily corrected.

For export, I have exported rtf to .odt and the files open well in LibreOffice Writer so that seems to work ok.

Export to docx fails with error message :

“Error: ‘Format Converter not found.’
Error Description: ‘Linux does not support DOC/DOCX <> RTF conversion’”

I don’t know where the assertion in the second line comes from.

Re the OP’s difficulty in reading the very tiny square error messages, there is a way to read them. Click the cursor at the beginning of the error message and holding the mouse button down, slide the cursor to the right - continue way outside the error dialog box. Use Ctrl-c to copy and then open a text editor (Gedit for example) and use Ctrl-V to paste. If you don’t see the whole message, try again and slide even further to the right.

Scrivener compiles to RTF and then uses the Aspose converter to convert the RTF to doc/docx, though on Windows machines that have Microsoft Office installed it seems you have the option to let Word do the conversion. So, perhaps someone in the Linux world knows how to get the Aspose converter—which I believe is related to LibreOffice—working on Linux machines.

But I prefer to compile to RTF anyway, and would simply open that in Libre/OpenOffice—or Word, if it was available—do the conversion work. RTF is Scrivener’s native format, so compiling to that is quicker and not going to introduce glitches.

NB I am on Mac, and don’t use Word or LIbreOffice; I do have a copy of NeoOffice—which is a version of the latter, optimised for Mac—but I use a Mac-specific word processor, which also uses RTF as it’s native format.

Mr X

A little update… to know if someone found the solution to import .DOCX into Scrivener ?
I do use .rtf as well but my partners don’t :slight_smile: It is a pain to convert each .DOCX in .rtf before importing into Scrivener :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!
All my best