can't import pdfs into scrivener

hi all, a new scrivener here. i’m trying to import pdfs into scrivener so that i can use the handy split screen function, but when i go to file > import, the only files that show up as importable (i.e. the only ones i can click on) are word docs, and not pdfs. what am i doing wrong? thanks for the help.

You cannot import media files (PDF, images etc) into the Draft folder. Select something outside of the Draft folder and then try again. Or drag the files in directly. Please see the section on importing files in either the Help file or the tutorial for more information, and the sections on the binder to understand why the Draft folder is a text-only folder.
All the best,

i knew it was probably something simple. i’m loving the program thus far, by the way. the corkboard is genius.

Thanks! :slight_smile: