Can't import pictures to the Research folder


I can´t import images to the Research folder. I get the message that the fie will be converted to a RTF. And it adds that the sreenplay folder does not suppor media files and should be imported into the Research folder. But I´m importing them into the Research folder.

Any help ?



Hi Nicanor!

How are you importing your images? Dragging and dropping the file from the source folder to your Research folder?


Hi Matt,

both. I tried importing and dragging. It´s like Scrivener is not recognizing the Research folder as such but as a regular folder.


When you import, are you getting this message?:

Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 11.43.24 AM

That’s just the standard message that pops up whenever you try to import anything into the Binder. If you click OK, the file should then be imported. You can tick the “Do not show this message again” to keep it from popping up.

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I worked. Thanks amickie!!! Really.


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