Can't install 1.03 - no permissions.

Upon login, I am alerted that upgrade 1.03 is out.

I follow the download prompts. I get to the point where I am prompted to install and relaunch. I click that button, another screen pops up: SCRIVENER REQUIRES THAT YOU TYPE YOUR PASSWORD.

To that, I type in my admin password for my system since I’m the system administrator.

I receive an update error: Scrivener does not have the permission to write to the application’s directory! Are you running off a disk image? If not ask your system administrator for help.

I checked, the program’s installed under applications. I have double checked; my admin password for my own system is valid.

What do I do from here?

Try repairing permissions from Disk Utility if you haven’t already.

This does sound like a permissions problem, not a Scrivener-install problem. Either you are not really logged in with an Admin account on that mac or your permissions are messed up.

If repairing permissions doesn’t turn the trick (as suggested above), check the actual permissions on your Applications folder.

Choose Go>Computer, then selcet Applications folder, then command-I (Get Info). Under Owner & Permissions>Details, check the permission settings. Mine look like this: Owner: system; Access: read & write; Group: admin; Access: read & write; Others: read only.

If yours don’t look like that, try setting them to that. (Unlock and change them to match.)


Hi All,

Thank you for your support and ideas. I finally managed to successfully download and install 1.03.

I DID have the application installed under APPLICATIONS . . . . at one time.

I went through my system once again this evening, and found that the .dmg file was in place where it should be, but Scrivener icon wasn’t. I’m sure I erred somewhere and jumped it out of place without having a clue I’d done so. Once I reinstalled the icon correctly - everything fell in place just like the instructions indicated.

I’ll pay closer attention to my sessions and double check Scrivener’s placement under APPLICATIONS upon exiting - I’ve been importing and exporting and playing with menus . . . I’m positive I committed an error while test-driving my learner’s permit.

Thanks again,