can't install beta 19 on windows


I am running windows 10.0.18895 on an asus ROG G703GS with 16 GB ram.

I have been running Scrivener for years. My current version is dated 3 Oct 2018

When I download and install Scrivener-29017-installer-X64.exe it does not replace my current version with the beta.

What additional information do you need to help me get the beta installed?

thank you,


Please take a look at the Announcement Post at the top of this forum:

Specifically the section entitled ‘Installing 1.9.9 and 3.0 Beta Side by Side’

The beta will not (and should not) override your copy of v1.9. If you wish to have both on your computer you will need to install the beta in a different location, as having both installed in the same folder will cause a variety of issues.

I apologize, Bryan Bender.

I did read the text you pointed to…but I interpreted it that it would install over 1.9.9 unless i chose to
install the beta elsewhere. sorry about that. my error.

Thank you for answering my question.


No problem and no need to apologize!

We’re happy to help.