Can't install new beta version either

I uninstalled the last version that expired so I could install the new Beta 3.5 but with no luck.

I get an error message that says: :imp:
“Installer payload initialization failed. This is likely due to an incomplete or corrupt downloaded file.”

How can I fix this? NaNo’s coming up, don’t ya know, and I want to use Scrivener to plot out my new project.

Did you try redownloading the 035 installer from the website?

Yes, I’ve tried about a dozen times, but no luck. It’s the installer that won’t install, because when I’m trying to run it the error message pops up.

Sure, I just wanted to check since the error message that did pop up seemed to indicate that there had been a problem with the download, so the installer file that you have can’t run properly. What browser are you using to download? You might try clearing its cache and doing the download again or using a different browser for the download–if the initial download failed, your browser might just have been repeatedly grabbing the same incomplete file and giving it back to you. That happens in other cases too, where it will “download” from the cache an earlier version from the last time you visited the site, even though the actual pointer is to a new file.

If that still fails, could you let me know what version of Windows are you running, and are you installing as an admin or standard user?

Thanks sooo much Jennifer! :smiley: It worked! I’m using Internet Explorer and after I cleared out the brower history, it let me download Scrivener again, and it’s working now. So happy and relieved, as I’m planning to use the cool corkboard feature in planning this year’s nano.

I really appreciate you helping me. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!!

Excellent, glad you’ve got it working! Good luck with Nano!