Can't install new beta version!

I downloaded the Scrivener 0.2.1. release and am running Windows XP. But after having uninstalled the previous beta version with the uninstall, and checking through the Control Panel that no other betas were left on the system, when I open the installer, nothing happens! I haven’t been able to fix this despite restarting and logging off. I’m trying to redownload the file and see if somehow it wasn’t a complete file or something, but barring that I’m stumped! :frowning:

EDIT: Hmmm…taking a look, the first one I downloaded was 28.3 MB, and now this new download is 50.4 MB…maybe it is the incomplete file issue after all. Let’s see.

EDIT2: YEESSSS it works now! XD;; I saw that someone else had the download size problem, so I’ll just note to people that it is indeed 50.4 MB and no less, otherwise your file is incomplete.

Thanks for the update! Glad you got it working.